Natural Remedies
Natural RemediesSimple Herbs
The use of medicinal herbs has increased in popularity during recent years as their benefits have been discovered. Dr. Winston Craig from Andrews University joins the StepFast team to provide information about herbal remedies and the role they play in health recovery and wellness.

The concentrated extract of the leaves of the Ginkgo tree has recently become a very popular phytomedicine for cerebral insufficiency. Ginkgo biloba extract appears to be effective, especially in geriatric patients, against ailments associated with a diminished blood flow in the brain such as memory loss, absentmindedness, anxiety, dizziness, headache, depression, confusion, and other ailments. These conditions often respond to the vasodilation and improved blood flow induced by the Ginkgo extract. The active constituents in gingko, which are thought to be flavone glycosides and terpenoids, inhibit the activity of the platelet activating factor. There does not appear to be any significant side effects from using Ginkgo biloba.

- Craig, Winston J. Ph.D., The Use and Safety of Common Herbs and Herbal Teas , p. 32.

Hydrotherapy – Water Treatment
The effectiveness of hydrotherapy has been known for centuries! How do these simple treatments work? The contrasting application of hot and cold water to a body part or organ causes the blood vessels to expand or dilate with heat and contract with cold. This increases the blood flow to the affected area. As the circulation is increased, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body cells is enhanced and waste products are removed. The metabolism of the cell is thus increased, which accelerates the healing of the treated body part.

Rich Smith of Weimar Institute is StepFast’s expert on hand to demonstrate some simple hydrotherapy treatments you can perform in your own home!
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