Lifestyle Presentations

  • Heart

    Dr. John Scharffenberg presents the
    Ten Commandments to
    Prevent Heart Attack.

  • Osteoporosis

    Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel builds a case for
    building bones in childhood.

  • Cancer
    & the Immune System

    You can boost your immune system
    naturally, and Dr. Tim Arnott will show you how.
    Learn about the many cancer-protective foods
    available to you.

  • Weight

    Dr. David DeRose
    Dr. David DeRose
    presents practical weight-loss tips that help you
    win at losing!

  • Diabetes

    Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel presents the
    "Diabetes Mastery Program."

  • Hypertension

    Dr. Tim Arnott lends expertise on how to reduce
    blood pressure.

  • Brain

    Dr. Neil Nedley explains how you can boost your
    brain power and enjoy enhanced mental and
    spiritual health through nutrition and lifestyle

  • Benefits of

    Dr. Neil Nedley presents the optimum diet for

  • Stress

    Dr. Skip MacCarty presents keys to stress
    management that will revolutionize your life!

  • Fatigue

    Dr. Fred Hardinge explains why we're so tired and
    how you can beat fatigue.

  • Maximizing
    your Devotional Life

    Adjusting your lifestyle is the key to being
    alert and available for your morning appointment
    with God, according to Louis Preston, Ministerial
    and Health Ministries Director for Potomac
    Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

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